Bespoke Regis Heading Tape


Regis tape is known around the world for being the premier pencil pleat tape that provides the perfect presentation for the best dressed curtains.

Rufflette Regis curtain tape has tightly woven pockets which are much stronger than corded pockets.  The pockets need to be sturdy so that they do not sag, ensuring a level heading and constant curtain length.  This is particularly important if the curtains are long and heavy.

Regis has “bulked drawcords” which ensures that the pencil pleats are always locked in place, no matter how many times the curtains are opened and closed.  Special “D” shaped pleats also give a deeper pleat definition and more lavish appearance.  We also offer Regis Supreme which is a multi-pocket tape providing you with variable options when hanging finished curtains.

If you are working with high quality furnishing fabrics and want a professional finished presentation then there is only one tape you should consider.  There are many imitations but only one original Regis Tape so don’t compromise and use the best for perfect results every time.

We also offer Deep Regis which is 138mm (5.5 inch) heading tape which provides a superb finish for longer drop finished curtains. 

You can view all our product options within the tape section of our web site providing you with all the technical information you require.  Alternatively please contact our sales office who will be pleased to assist you with your enquiry.

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